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Saluté. I created this blog to document some of the meals I throw together for myself, on occasion. The focus is on simple, healthyesque, no frills meals that can made quickly and easily, at a low cost. I call this formula "Recipes for the rest of us". Because fancy meals that cost a fortune are a lot easier to do. Which must be why those recipes are much easier to find. So welcome to the new economy, in the new world order.

I originally conceived of sharing only recipes that have no recipe as such. The idea was to start with a base of what can be thrown together to make a meal, and encourage you to modify that to your heart's content, with suggestions to start you off. This way, it's easier to remember a recipe if it's built around a simple idea, and you don't have to remember specific measurements. Hence the name of the blog, The Recipeless Cook. 

By the time I actually started writing the blog, I realized this would be too limiting. Sometimes things can go wrong if measurements are not given, and I appreciate recipe measurements myself. I can't very well say "Throw in some rice and whatever quantity of water 'feels right' " and expect perfect results from those instructions. So I expect some recipes to be "recipeless" (categorized as such), and others will be traditionally structured. Above all, you are encouraged to change the recipes to suit your habits and tastes.

I warn you, I'm not big on red meat these days (especially as my girlfriend's a vegetarian). In fact, I don't often cook meat in general lately, so I probably won't have too many recipes featuring the stuff. It's not against my religion. It's just that I'm slowly starting to think about making healthier decisions in my diet, and red meat and related do much more bad for you than good (if any). I'll eat chicken if I need a meat fix, but I plan to forego including the skin or fat henceforth. So unfortunately, healthy biases might find their way into the recipes, but that shouldn't spoil much of the fun.

Happy Cooking,

Gilbert Grape
The Recipeless Cook.


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